The Grange

The Grange may be located inside a hotel in downtown Nashville, but that should not stop you from trying it! Their breakfast and brunch menus are ridiculously delicious and you should go with a group so you can try more of the dishes. I stopped in for breakfast on my last day in Nashville and it was the perfect send off. My husband and I had a hard time deciding what to order since it all looked so incredible, but in the end I went with the Fried Chicken Benedict (because I had to get one last fried chicken fix) and my husband went for the The Grange (extravagant croissant sammie). Both of these dishes were served with crispy potatoes that were hands down some of the crispiest, fluffiest little potato bites that I have eaten! The Fried Chicken Benedict ($16) starts with a fluffy biscuit, topped with crispy fried chicken, a runny poached egg, hollandaise, chili crunch oil, wildflower honey, and scallions. It was the most insane benedict I have probably ever had or seen but the flavors were sooo delicious. It has a sweet, spicy vibe going on with the creamy hollandaise and crunchy chicken. This dish was rather large, so I would recommend splitting it with a friend! My husband’s dish, The Grange ($16) starts with a warm, buttery croissant filled with smoked crispy bacon, shaved ham, dijon, sharp gruyere cheese, and soft scrambled eggs. It was divine, but I preferred my benedict. Overall this spot was a hit and we were both impressed with the quality and value. The food was tasty and the price was so reasonable for the large plates you get!

For their full menu, click here.

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