Neighborhood Jam

Neighborhood Jam is making their way across Oklahoma. Although there are multiple locations across the state, their mission is to Keep It Local by bringing delicious food to the communities of Oklahoma. They want to be an innovative, non-pretentious breakfast spot in the community. Their menu consists of only breakfast and brunch items and are open 7 days a week for all your brunch needs! They have a large variety from sweet to savory as well as boozy and nonalcoholic drinks for all.

I had to start my breakfast off with coffee, because the addiction is real. I tried their Sam Elliott, iced, which is their signature latte. It comes with vanilla and sarsaparilla syrup! If you get this iced, they even make ice cubes out of coffee so your drink doesn’t get watered down – so genius. While this latte was unique, it was a little too much and too sweet for me. The flavor wasn’t bad, it was just not necessarily what I wanted first thing in the morning. I would probably give it a 6/10 and might try it hot next time to see if the flavor is more subtle.

For breakfast, we ordered a lot….We started off with the Huevos Rancheros, El Jefe and Pancake Trio. Neighborhood Jam has about 7 pancake flavors to choose from, which is so hard to do. BUT they make it easier with a Third Wheel Option, which allows you to choose 3 flavors – one of each. We grabbed the following: Pineapple Bourbon, Lemon Poppyseed, and Cinnamon Roll. First Up: Huevos Rancheros – this comes with corn tortillas layered with beans, cheese, guacamole, beef barbacoa, topped with 2 eggs, sour cream and pico. Sounds like a lot, but it paired so well together and the beef was so tender and rich, it fell apart on my fork. The sauce also had a kick of heat, but not too much. Next Up: The El Jefe – this is a benedict with corn tortillas, green chili pulled pork, poached eggs and is topped with a green chili hollandaise and pepperjack. If you like spice, this is the dish for you. On a 1-10, for a normal person, this is definitely a 5 or 6 on the heat level. The pork was also incredible and so juicy! The hollandaise was really rich and creamy too and the green chilies added a kick. Last Up: The Pancakes. Overall the pancakes were so light and fluffy with the perfect texture. The Pineapple Bourbon was my least favorite out of the group – it comes with caramelized pineapples, pineapple bourbon, caramel and bourbon butter. I felt it was good, but the bourbon flavor was a bit strong. I love cooking with alcohol to give the dish an underlying flavor, but this just didn’t do it for me. The Cinnamon Roll pancakes were true to the name and had a strong cinnamon flavor. They come with a cream cheese frosting as well. These were my middle choice, delicious and definitely resembled a cinnamon roll but they were definitely on the sweeter side. I don’t think I could have eaten an entire 3 stack of these, so I was glad I got to try just one! And that brings us to the final pancake: Lemon Poppyseed. This was hands down my favorite of the bunch. They had a light lemon flavor and came with lemon curd, lemon cream swirl, and poppy glaze. For the amount of lemon on these, you would think they would be a citrus overload, but they had a wonderful tang and sweetness about them!

Definitely love this spot for a yummy breakfast and brunch and would absolutely go back. No matter what location you go to, it does seem like they draw a pretty large crowd on the weekends so check the wait time and list before you head out and plan accordingly! For their full menu, check here.

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