Sushi Moto

Sushi Moto, formerly where Sushi GoGo was and has been transformed. I am not sure if there are new owners and they just changed names or what, but their menu has a few changes. Even though the menu may look a bit different, they still have their legendary Happy Hour which runs every Monday-Thursday from 3-5pm! This is the best way to check out their sushi and share it with a group of friends.

We went for happy hour, but ended up grabbing a few rolls off the regular menu as well to test them out! Off their regular roll I tried the Salmon Deluxe (9/10) – the flavor was super fresh and the roll had a wonderful flavor combination. It is topped with a mango sauce that adds just a hint of sweetness. I had to try a California Roll (6/10) because you know it is a classic, but this one did not hit the spot for me – there was too much rice and the ratio of fillings to rice was just off. It didn’t have much flavor either and the rice didn’t seem to be seasoned (sushi rice should always be seasoned with rice vinegar+sugar mixture). We also grabbed 2 of the Salmon Maki Rolls (7/10). While the salmon was nice and there was a good portion of it in the roll, there was too much rice and these pieces were huge. Definitely not the standard maki roll – if you look at the photos the maki roll should look just like the avocado roll (the smallest roll on the plate). We also tried the Crabby Patty Roll (8/10) – this is a fried roll stuffed with crab, cream cheese and jalapenos. I was surprised how light the batter was and it didn’t leave an oily residue. The flavors also worked pretty well together. The Spicy Cajun Roll (8/10) was the most unique roll we tried that features a crawfish mixture and spicy mayo. This was another one that just had too much rice. And finally, the Avocado Roll (10/10) – this was the best one of the bunch – the avocado was fresh and creamy and the rice ratio was perfect. It is a little bit sad that the best roll did not feature fish.

Overall this is a great spot for their Happy Hour because the rolls are super cheap, but for me this place would not be one that I would eat at all the time. Their rice ratio is too heavy on the rice for me. They currently don’t have a website, so check them out on instagram or yelp!

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