Clark Crew BBQ

If you love BBQ but haven’t been to Clark’s, then you are seriously missing out. OKC is known for delicious BBQ, burgers and tacos and Clark’s definitely ranks in the top! They have been making BBQ since 2012 and have a plethora of awards to show for it. Walk into their shop and you will see the walls and shelves lined with dozens of awards from all over and across multiple years. If that doesn’t convince you to try their BBQ then I honestly don’t know what will! I have had the pleasure of eating this mouthwatering food a few times, but until recently it was all takeout that I would bring home – mostly because of convenience. I was super excited to eat in the restaurant and try everything fresh because if the takeout was that incredible, I couldn’t imagine what fresh to the table would taste like!

Their menu not only features their meats but they also have burgers, brick oven pizza, sandwiches and more! They are known for their trays – you can get 1, 2 or 3 meats and they come with sides and cornbread! This is the best way to try the best of the best. Clark’s has soooo many meats to choose from so hang on because I am going to list them all – brisket, burnt ends, ribs, chopped pork, smoked bologna, burnt end bologna, smoked chicken, smoked sausage link, smoked jalapeno hot link, smoked turkey, chicken tenders AND catfish. WOW a ton of delicious meats, most of which I have tried. For their sides, they also have a spectacular lineup – mac and cheese, coleslaw, cornbread, championship bbq beans, potato salad, sweet cream corn, fried okra and a few more that aren’t as exciting to me! Like I mentioned above, I have tried ~almost~ all of the smoked meats – brisket, chopped pork, smoked turkey, smoked chicken and the smoked sausage link. They also have 3 different BBQ sauces to slather on there – championship, original and spicy. But honestly, their meat is so freaking good you don’t even need the sauce and that says a LOT coming from me. I am a saucy girl and the more sauce the better, but in Clark’s case, they nailed their meats so well that they are perfect just the way they are. Most briskets are dry and lack flavor – you need the sauce to bring it back to life. BUt damn, not with Clark’s Crew – it is so moist and tender with a deep smokey flavor. 10/10! I also really enjoyed the smoked turkey and smoked chicken – the chicken comes on the bone so be aware if you are not a huge fan of chicken wings, but the smokiness really comes through to add a deep flavor and locks in all the moisture and juiciness in the meats.

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