Tokyo Japanese

Tokyo has been around for decades. They first opened their doors in 1987 and have been serving sushi to OKC since then. The menu features traditional Japanese sushi and sake as well as some fun, unique twists of their own. Tokyo is probably the most well-known, popular sushi spot in OKC and for a while it was one of only a few options. I have been eating at Tokyo for years. In highschool, my friend and I would always go grab sushi before seeing a movie and we continued this ritual through college and our early adult years when we would both be back home at the same time. Moving back to OKC from Seattle, my sushi expectations are definitely much higher than before. It is no secret that Oklahoma is land locked and is not known for their fish – or at least not fresh fish. Whereas Seattle is basically the salmon capital of the world and is home to some of the top sushi restaurants in the world. I decided to grab dinner here one night when I was craving sushi and I was definitely skeptical. In my head I remembered Tokyo having high quality, fresh fish but was worried my time in Seattle may have ruined this for me. To my delight, I would rank this among the sushi spots in Seattle. The quality was impeccable and the fish was so fresh and artfully prepared. It is still the best sushi spot in OKC for the highest quality fish – I won’t name them here but there are some spots you will NEVER find me eating at.

To start I got the Tokyo Tower and Chicken Wings. The tower is a sushi stack with rice, avocado, crab and tuna topped with a variety of sauces, green onions and sesame seeds. It was a little hard to eat as the tower collapsed after a few bites, but it was still tasty even laying on its side. The chicken wings were solid – I would have preferred chicken karaage on the menu as it is a little more authentic, but these will do. For rolls, I ordered the Sunrise Roll and the Tokyo Roll. Sunrise comes with crabstick, avocado and cucumber on the inside with salmon and avocado on the outside. It is a pretty basic, simple roll with not too much going on. The Tokyo comes with shrimp tempura, smelt roe, hot mayo and eel sauce on the inside and salmon and avocado on the outside. Another classic but goodie roll. I also recommend grabbing some nigiri or sashimi to try and share with the table – they have a large selection with 20 options!

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