Waffle Champion

Eleven would approve of this waffle spot – if you don’t get my reference, watch Stranger Things! Waffle Champion does one thing and they do it well and if it wasn’t clear by their name, they specialize in waffles! Sweet waffles, savory waffles and everything in between. Waffle Champion has been around for many, many years and has been serving OKC delicious waffles that you do not want to miss out on. Like I mentioned above, their menu has both sweet and savory options with two different waffles bases – classic and liege. They also have the option of “debris” which is served on top of waffle fries! I have worked my way through the majority of the menu over the years and have loved all of their combinations.

For savory waffles, my top two are the Migas and Chicken & Waffles. The Migas comes with house chorizo, scrambled eggs, tomatillo salsa, spicy crema and tortilla strips served on a classic waffle. I love the flavors in this dish because you have a slight spice from the crema and the tortilla strips add a great crunch. The Chicken & Waffles is pretty self explanatory, but it comes with buttermilk chicken tenders, crispy leeks and tabasco honey. The leeks add such a good flavor and crunch – leeks have a mild onion flavor. I also love the hot honey here – they have been doing this combo since before Mike’s Hot Honey became popular, you could say Waffle Champion was the OG of this trend. This is a perfectly balanced sweet, spicy, crunchy, and juicy waffle and even more delicious if you add just a touch of maple syrup on top! I typically gravitate more towards their savory vs sweet waffles, but when I do have a sweet tooth, the Cinnamon Roll Waffle or S’mores are both great options! The Cinnamon Roll is on the super sweet side and comes with spiced butter, vanilla frosting and pecan crumble. While it tastes delicious, it is a bit too sweet for me – this is one I can only have a few bites of before going into a full sugar coma. The S’mores is a lighter, slightly less sweet option that is still full of deliciousness. It comes with toasted marshmallow, chocolate ganache, and graham cracker crumble.

On my recent trip, I decided to branch out and try the Tiramisu – I think it is a current special and won’t be around for long. It starts with their french toast waffle base and is topped with kahlua mascarpone, macerated strawberries, and biscotti – almond crumble dusted with cocoa powder. As much as I love strawberries and the brightness and freshness they bring to a dessert, this was not the right place for them. The flavors clashed a bit between the strawberries and coffee and it threw the dish off balance. Without the strawberries, the flavor was pretty good, but to really get that tiramisu flavoring, it needed a stronger cocoa presence. Perhaps swapping the strawberries for some chocolate sauce would make this option really burst with flavor! I would recommend skipping this one, unless you love the taste of coffee and strawberries – to each their own.

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