Fulcrum Coffee

Fulcrum Coffee is a great spot in SLU to grab unique coffee drinks. They also roast their own coffee, so you know it is going to be good! Their cafe is light and bright with a fair amount of seating if you are looking for a place to work, chill, or catch up with friends. Their menu is one of the more interesting ones I have come across in Seattle. They offer classic coffees – lattes, cappuccinos, americanos, etc – and some signature drinks that you will definitely not find anywhere else! Their signature drinks include the Anacortes with lavender, chamomile and espresso with soda water and coconut milk; the Purple Rain is an ube matcha latte with honey, vanilla and oat milk; the Pretty in Pink which features pink beetroot and rosewater; and a Blue Dream with butterfly pea powder, vanilla, lavender and coconut milk. I opted to try their Snuggle Me, Sesame. This one caught my eye because it is espresso, toasted black sesame, brown sugar and oat milk. I absolutely LOVED it. It was unlike anything I have ever tasted and was so well balanced between the espresso and the sweetness. I also grabbed a classic cappuccino – this is my way of testing how good the coffee will be. If a shop can make a cappuccino correctly and the espresso has a nice flavor, then I give it all the praise! (Sounds simple, but sooo many spots that claim to know coffee don’t even know how to make a cappuccino which is a pretty basic option).

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