Summer Moon

Summer Moon is a new(ish) coffee shop to come to OKC/Edmond. It originated in Texas and is known for their Oak Roasted Coffee – which means it is fire roasted over Texas oak wood. A very interesting way of roasting coffee that is certainly unique. Not only do they have oak roasted beans, but they are famous for their “Moon Milk”. Moon Milk is just a fun name for sweet cream that they make in house and serve in their drinks. Their menu is a bit confusing if you have never been before – when I first went I thought I was reading a foreign language and felt bad that I had to ask the barista about every single drink on the menu. On their menu you will find items called Quarter Moon, Half Moon, Full Moon so you can see why that would be confusing. It is actually more simple once you get their unique lingo down. For example they also use Summer and Winter to denote hot and iced drinks. So if you order a Winter Half Moon, you will get an iced latte with half moon milk (or sweet cream) and half regular milk. A quarter moon would mean only 1/4 of the drink is moon milk, half moon means half, full moon means all, etc. See easy enough right? Don’t worry if it takes you awhile to get it down, I go weekly and I still struggle to order.

While I love this place and think their drinks are tasty, I want to be real here – I don’t necessarily consider this coffee. Sure they use some shots of espresso, but by adding any measure of the moon milk it becomes a pretty sweet drink with a TON of calories. Think of Moon Milk like melted vanilla ice cream, this is similar to what it tastes like – delicious, and creamy but not what you typically find in traditional coffee shops. As someone who spent a considerable amount of time in the coffee headquarters of the US (Seattle) I cannot in good conscience call this a coffee shop, not a traditional one at least. Sure the drinks are good, but it’s basically a sugary drink that tastes like ice cream with the slightest hint of coffee flavor. These drinks are for people who don’t really like coffee or aren’t used to really good, strong espresso. I keep noting how much I do still enjoy this place because it is tasty, I just want to level set some expectations here that you are going to get a sweet, sugary drink and probably not even taste the coffee. I have also grabbed their bags of beans to use at home in my espresso machine and they are pretty good, but they are all super dark roasts, which means they are pretty bitter. Perhaps that is why they use so much sugar and cream is because their espresso is too strong and bitter because they over roast it. I am not sure because I am not a roaster or super qualified on the coffee front, I’ve just gained a lot of coffee knowledge throughout the years and would call myself a coffee connoisseur.

Definitely check them out and grab a cold drink on a hot summer day – I recommend the Quarter Moon so it is the least sweet version since it has the least amount of moon milk. Just don’t look at the calories on the menu next to the drinks, you might have a mini heart attack! If sweet drinks aren’t your vibe, grab a bag of beans to make your own coffee at home! For their full menu and to see if they have a location near you, click here.

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