Cities ice cream is located inside the Edmond Railyard in the downtown area. It is the perfect summer spot to grab a soft serve and enjoy! It is some of the creamiest ice cream I have ever enjoyed and you can really taste the flavors of the toppings without it being too much. Their shop is super cool too because they have this machine that blends the ice cream and toppings together and it comes out in soft serve form that is ridiculously good. Basically like a high tech Marble Slab where you’ll find the toppings a bit more consistent throughout your ice cream.

Cities has a few signature flavors you can choose from or you can create your own! They even have some fun names like Bipartisan, Oklahoma Standard, and the Great Salt Plains. My go to is the coOKIES and Cream – which you can probably guess by the name is loaded full of cookies! This one comes with a vanilla base, chocolate chip cookies, oreos, and cookie crisp. If you love cookies, this is definitely the ice cream for you! And look at how huge their portions are – for $6 you definitely get your money’s worth and it could easily be shared by two people. Perhaps a fun summer date idea! Anyways, the combinations are endless if you want to create your own. For $5 you can choose two mix in options and each additional is only $0.50! They have a large selection of cereal and fruit, as well as classics – oreos, cookie dough, peanut butter and so much more! They get a few points taken away for not having sprinkles. I am obsessed with rainbow sprinkles and think they should always be in ice cream.

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