Hott Wings

Wings are not my preferred meal or my go to – mainly because I am not a huge fan of things on a bone…so ribs, chicken wings, the like. I do however enjoy boneless wings, which get some shit for being chicken nuggets – but there is a difference so if you are one of the boneless wing haters then we probably won’t vibe. Even though I enjoy boneless wings, I’m never like YEAH let’s have wings for dinner. They are great, but I think there are just so many other food options that I enjoy more. Plus the only real wing place I used to eat at is Buffalo Wild Wings, which is not exactly on top of the culinary world. Sure they are fast and their wings are fine, but let’s be real it’s not THAT good. And enter Hott Wings. A local wing shop inside the Edmond Railyard. They have both traditional wings and boneless wings and both are sold by the pound. If those don’t sound intriguing they also have premier pickle wings that are marinated in pickle juice then tossed in salt + vinegar breading. YUM! Like I mentioned they sell their wings by the pound and for every pound you get to choose two sauce flavors. If you don’t want sauce, you can opt for their dry rubs – 8 choices. If you’re like me though, sauce those babes up! My motto: the saucier the better. Their sauces have 3 spice levels – no heat, some heat, hott heat with a total of 19 sauce flavors to try! That is a LOT of options.

I stopped in for a late lunch one day and grabbed a half pound to split. The sauce choices: Parmesan & Garlic Explosion (No Heat) and Spicy Honey Garlic (Some Heat). I was not brave enough to try their Hott category, but if you are they have reaper, scorpion, and extra hott! These wings were the juiciest, most tender little bites of joy I have ever eaten. They really made me rethink my dinner choices to include wings more often. The outside was crispy and perfectly fried and I loved that there was enough sauce to fully coat the wings, but not so much that it soaked through the crunchy outside. I normally get Honey BBQ – how boring I know lol – but was so glad I branched out and tried the Parmesan Garlic. WOW it really was an explosion of flavor in my mouth that left me wanting more! The Spicy Honey Garlic was also delicious with just a little heat but a great sweet-spicy flavor combo – and we all know garlic makes everything even more delicious. 10/10 easy for these wings. The meat was fresh and such large chunks. I also appreciated that the breading was a thin layer – a lot of wings seem to be 50% breeding with only a little bite of chicken meat inside. This was like 90% meat, 10% breading. They nailed the ratio!

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