Yuzo Sushi

Yuzo Sushi is a delicious little sushi tapas spot located near downtown OKC. They have so many great dishes for sharing and some of the freshest sushi in Oklahoma. Mind you I am subconsciously comparing all the sushi I eat in OKC to the super high quality that I am used to in Seattle. SO for all my Okie friends reading this, if I say its high quality and fresh, it means it is legit and is comparable to fresh sushi you get on the coasts.

I have been to Yuzo a few times and I am always impressed with the quality and uniqueness of their menu. It is artfully prepared and all of the flavors pair so well together. A pro tip: if you have a Keep it Local Card, show it and you get a free edamame with your meal. Edamame is a classic that I usually get when I am at a sushi spot. Another appetizer that is a must are their buns – you get the choice of chasu pork, bulgogi or fried chicken. I grabbed the bulgogi buns and OH MY GOD! This is one of the best things I have eaten all year. The bun was so fluffy and soft, the meat was so tender and juicy and the flavor of the bulgogi was slightly sweet. 10/10 hands down. Their menu even features rice bowls, ramen, and chef specials, so if you aren’t interested in the sushi, they still have a ton of other options for you to enjoy. Now to their sushi! I’ve indulged in a number of their rolls and they are all phenomenal. I eventually make my way through all of their rolls, but the options are extensive. One of my favorite unique rolls they have is the elotes – it is a california roll with baked sweet corn, chili powder and parmesan on top. If you love Mexican corn, you will absolutely enjoy this! Some of my favorite classic rolls include the Dragon, Salmon Avocado, and Rainbow. The fish is so fresh and so are all the ingredients they use. I also appreciate the rice to fish ratio because they don’t go too heavy on the rice.

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