Garlic Crush

Garlic Crush is a divine mediterranean restaurant with a few locations around WA. It is a perfect spot to grab a quick lunch or casual dinner. Their menu features a large selection of salads, plates, or sandwiches to choose from! Garlic Crush is hands down some of the best mediterranean food I have eaten. The hummus was so creamy with a wonderful balance of garlic, lemon and spices. It was also served with this thick garlic sauce that definitely hits you off guard if you aren’t prepared for it. It was super pungent and had a strong garlic flavor. I absolutely love garlic, but this was even a bit much for me – it was much better if you mixed it with the hummus or dish you are eating. I grabbed the chicken plate and the rest of the table grabbed the beef and lamb dish. The chicken was so tender and moist – I was so impressed with how juicy it was and how much came with the dish! The beef and lamb were also really tasty, but I personally loved the chicken more. My friend got the salad and we all agreed, while the dressing was tasty and flavorful, it was way too heavy and the lettuce was soaked at the bottom – would recommend grabbing the dressing on the side so you can control how much goes on.

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