Quincy Bakery + Bradford House

Quincy Bakery is located inside the Bradford House Hotel. An adorable, well decorated spot to grab a coffee + pastry. If you have guests coming to town or want to do a staycation, I highly recommend checking this spot out. It is super close to a ton of great, local spots to explore OKC. The Bradford House also features a cocktail bar, brunch, dinner and they even host an afternoon tea once a month ($46/person – book online!). *I have a reservation booked in August and I am so excited to try it!

Quincy Bakery is a fairly new spot – at least within the last few years, but they are already well known and a popular pastry shop. They feature staples like a classic croissant, danish, and cinnamon rolls. But they also have some fun features like their everything danish, almond raspberry tea cake, and monkey bread! You’ll find a large selection of teas and coffees to sip alongside your pastries. On my most recent trip there I grabbed a classic cappuccino and their blueberry lemon scone and a slice of their almond raspberry tea cake. If I am being honest I didn’t have high hopes or expectations for either of the pastries, but they sounded yummy so I thought I would give them a try. My experience with scones has not be a great one, and they usually are super dry and lack flavor. So I was thoroughly surprised and delighted when biting into this, instead of a crumbly mess it was a moist, light and airy bite of perfection. The blueberry lemon flavor was strong enough that you could absolutely taste it throughout the baked good, but not too much that you only tasted lemon. The blueberries were fresh and juicy as well, which definitely helped aid in the moistness of the scone. 10/10 would eat again and would recommend! The tea cake was also wonderful – light and airy sponge cake with a subtle almond flavor and a thin layer of raspberry jam that will transport you to sitting in a little Parisienne bakery. I would give this one a 12/10 and gladly buy the entire cake next time for myself.

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