Tacos Chukis

My love for Tacos Chukis runs so deep. I first discovered this little taco spot when I moved to Seattle 7 years ago. At that time, they only had one location in Capital Hill that was located on the second floor of this small building with random businesses. It only had a handful of tables and often the line would be wrapped around the building and down the stairs – that’s how good these tacos were. If you were lucky, you could place a to-go order and get it a bit faster without having to wait forever. I often did this on nights I didn’t want to cook – I would call in when I left work and by the time I got there it would be ready. There was something about these tacos that I kept craving and going back for. They were just so perfect, especially their house tacos that came with their pork and a slice of grilled pineapple. It is the perfect sweet and salty combination.

Imagine my delight when I moved to a new apartment in Seattle and Tacos Chukis announced they would be opening a location sharing a corner. That meant I would be just steps away from these delicious little tacos. I was beyond excited, my wallet and waistline however were not haha. I probably ate here twice a week for the better portion of a year while living at this apartment and I have no regrets. To this day I still love Tacos Chukis as if it were the first time having them. Their tacos are met with some real controversy though and you either love or hate them, there’s no in between. I know several people on both sides of the debate and I choose to just not listen to the haters because these tacos are from the flavor gods and anyone who says otherwise just doesn’t know good food.

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