Bondi Bowls

Bondi Bowls is a smoothie bowl shop with locations all across the US. They recently opened up multiple locations in Edmond/OKC and I am here for it! Their motto is “Bringing the beach to you” which is the perfect saying because I always crave acai or smoothie bowls when I am on the beach or in the heat. Interestingly, the founder is from Edmond, OK and moved to Australia where she fell in love with Bondi Beach, which is what the spot is named after and opened the first location in 2020, which was not that long ago. It is super inspiring and incredible to see this young female owned business grow so quickly and become so successful in such a short amount of time!

In Edmond, they have a food truck as well as two storefronts – one is in downtown Edmond and the other is located inside the Edmond Tennis Center so it’s the perfect spot to grab some fuel after playing a game! Their food truck features only a handful of their offerings, but their downtown storefront has lots more to choose from. My favorite is their Bondi Bowl – appropriately named. It starts with an acai base and is topped with granola, strawberries and bananas. For more flavor I like to add peanut butter on top as well. Their other bases include pitaya, spirulina, banana coconut, and green base. I have only tried their acai base, but I will be back to try the rest – it is just so good I have a hard time branching out. I do love the fact that they are bringing healthier options to Oklahoma, which is a state that is always on the top of the obesity list. Also, all of their bowls and ingredients are vegan. While I am not vegan, I do appreciate the choice and will agree that there are some great benefits (I just need more protein lol). Anyways, if you find yourself wanting something sweet, like ice cream, check Bondi Bowls out next time instead. It will give you the satisfaction of a cold treat, but will be a bit healthier for ya with their fresh fruits and ingredients.

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