Woodward Pizza

Woodward pizza is the latest pizza venture to grace OKC with their saucey-ness. Their claim to fame is their Detroit style deep dish pizza. The owners are from Detroit, so I’d say the bar is set pretty high. There are too many pizza styles to keep up with, so if Detroit style is not one you’re familiar with, don’t fret, I am here to explain it to ya! I first had Detroit style pizza (and honestly was the first time I had ever heard of it), when I took a trip back in 2019 to Detroit. There is a famous pizza place called Jet’s that is super popular and is supposed to have some of the best pizza in the city. Anyways, Detroit style is a thick crust, but specifically shaped in a square or rectangle. The goal is to cook the sh*t out of the crust so that the outside is almost black, but in a crispy, cheesy way – not in a burnt don’t eat this way. This is usually achieved by cooking the pizza at a really high temperature, or cooking it longer than you normally would. Cooking it like this produces a delicious cheesy pizza with a soft inside and a delectably crunchy outside.

SO how did Woodward hold up to these standards? Taste and appearance wise, they pretty much nailed it. The flavor was incredible and they definitely got the cheese to sauce to toppings ratio correct. But how was their dough and crust – so the thickness was definitely correct. Any thicker and it would have been too much. My only feedback is their cooking time and/or temperature. The pizza in the middle was still a bit doughy and the outside, while it had a slight crunch, wasn’t as crispy as it should have been. Now I want to give them the benefit of the doubt and maybe they are still training and getting used to their ovens and temperature and/or atmosphere differences between Michigan and Oklahoma. Either way, I would hands down still eat there again. It is a great place to try Detroit style pizza if you haven’t and is absolutely the closest you will get outside of Detroit (I’ve tried my fair share across the country and this place does come really close to perfect). I grabbed two to try – BBQ Chicken (this is a classic in Detroit, so this was the gold standard I was comparing off of) and a Detroiter Pepperoni (because you can’t rate pizza without trying a classic pepperoni). The BBQ Chicken starts with BBQ sauce and is topped with mozzarella + cheddar cheese, chicken, bacon, red onion and red bell peppers. Like I mentioned above 10/10 for flavor and even better dunked in their homemade ranch! The Detroiter Pepperoni is a classic as well – it starts with mozzarella + ricotta, pepperoni, marinara and fresh basil. If you’re a pepperoni lover though I recommend their Triple XXXtra Pepperoni – the description mentions heaps of pepperoni and I happened to witness a customer with this pizza and they weren’t lying. I couldn’t even see the crust or cheese there was THAT much pepperoni!

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