Kitchen No. 324

Moving back to OKC means I get to experience a lot of restaurants for seemingly the first time again. I haven’t lived here in 7 years so I am rediscovering some old favorites and new spots to enjoy. Kitchen 324 is one of those old, new spots. I hadn’t been here in years and my memory of this place wasn’t on the top of my list if I am being completely honest. When they first opened, my palate wasn’t as refined and I didn’t enjoy things like benedict with runny eggs or smoked salmon but I’ve grown up since then. I remember first looking at the menu here and being a bit disappointed with their offerings so when this place was suggested for brunch, I was hesitant but I agreed to go since it had been so long and maybe I would enjoy it more now. This is why I call this place an old, new spot because the old me would not have appreciated it or enjoyed it as much, but I was able to rediscover this place as a new spot to love.

We were greeted with friendly faces and seated promptly, even though we didn’t have a reservation – I do recommend getting there early or securing a reservation ahead of time because as we left around 10:45am it was starting to get really crowded with several parties waiting outside for a table. The service was quick, even though almost all the tables were occupied and the food was fresh and delicious. So many items on the menu looked so good – Double Smoked Pastrami Sandwich, Chicken & Grits, Open Faced Toast, and much more. We decided to grab one savory and one sweet dish to try a little bit of everything. First up, Fried Green Tomato Benedict. HOLY SMOKES it was even more incredible than the menu described. Perfectly fried and crispy tomatoes, beautifully poached eggs with a delicate, runny yolk, and a creamy hollandaise sauce that wasn’t overly heavy or thick. It was served with breakfast potatoes that were equally tasty. SO crispy and light with a soft potato center…what more can you want for breakfast?! The dish was artfully balanced and plated and would order this over and over again. Next up, the Brioche French Toast. I tend to gravitate towards savory over sweet for breakfast, but this french toast had me rethinking everything. The brioche toast was thick and had a custardy, piping hot center. It is topped with fresh bananas and strawberries and a caramel sauce is then drizzled on top. The caramel sauce itself was divine. It was smokey and had a slightly burnt caramel flavor – but in a way that gave the dish a deep, rich flavor.

All in all this restaurant was way better than I remembered. Dishes were created to highlight so many flavor profiles – I am already looking forward to returning to try more of their menu. I am especially eyeing that double smoked pastrami! For their full menu, click here and make sure to add this spot to your must have brunch list.

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