So Moon Nan Jib

When I moved to Seattle over 6 years ago from Oklahoma, I had only had Korean BBQ a handful of times in my life and none of those times were in OKC. They were in China when I traveled abroad and lived there for a while – I loved it so much, so I was ecstatic when I learned how many KBBQ spots were in and around Seattle! There are three types of KBBQ spots around – fancy + expensive, cheap + large portions, and all you can eat. All you can eat spots are great for a large group when you know nothing will go to waste, but most places will charge you for anything you can’t finish. The fancy spots are very nice and have delicious cuts of meat, but you are going to spend a pretty penny, so it is not always the most cost forward choice. Then you have the classics, like So Moon Nan Jib. It is located in a strip mall and is a no frills restaurant. It is definitely a small hole in the wall, but those are the best spots if you ask me!

My friend actually found this spot and wanted to try it out when we first moved here and anytime I want KBBQ, this is my go to. Usually when people visit from out of town, I always take them here! So Moon Nan JIb is not an all you can eat spot, but their portions are large and their prices are cheap. The quality of meat is just fine, sure it’s not wagyu or filet mignon, but it gets the job done and is tender and juicy. My go to order for BBQ is Bulgogi, Thin Sliced Brisket, and the Marinated Chicken. If you are going with a large group (say 3-4+ people), they do have combos you can select from which is definitely the better option. Their KBBQ also comes with steamed egg, soup, salad and ban chan – these are the small dishes such as kimchi, bean sprouts, cucumbers, etc. If you are wanting additional dishes, grab an order of their steamed dumplings, japchae, vegetable pancake, and bibimbap! I, unfortunately, have not tried many of their entrees because their KBBQ is just too good and I never go with enough people to order even more food – the table is usually overcrowded with plates as is! Don’t skip their KBBQ and definitely get the bulgogi if you only try one thing – it is marinated to perfection. I also recommend asking them for bean paste for dipping, you will thank me later.

Full menu here.

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