Exit 5 Korean BBQ

Let me set the stage for you. You walk in to the restaurant, you’re seated at a large table around a small grill that is sunken in to the table – a permanent fixture. Before you can even look at the menu, you are greeted by a server and a dozen little dishes – these are called banchan. There are all different items in these little dishes – kimchi, broccoli, bean sprouts, pickled radishes, fish cakes, and so much more – these typically vary from restaurant to restaurant. If you haven’t been to korean bbq it is super fun and a great place to eat with friends and family. Korean BBQ is known for its large portions and tasty meats that you grill right in front of you. It may sound like work – who wants to go out to eat and cook their own food? But Korean BBQ is an experience and it’s not all work, the staff will also come check in and make sure you’re not over or under cooking your food. There are so many types of meats to choose from to enjoy – short ribs, bulgogi, pork belly, chicken, thinly sliced ribeye, and more! Once you order, you are greeted with even more dishes – usually rice, a salad, soup and dipping sauces. The table at this point will be so full of food and dishes you’ll be wondering where the meat will go – but don’t worry, there is ALWAYS room for more!

Exit 5 is a large Korean BBQ spot in Renton, specifically located at The Landing among a ton of other restaurants and shops. Exit 5 opened just a short time ago and is already a popular location for dinner. On the weekends you’ll find it packed and you’ll likely have to wait a bit for a table – especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Unlike a lot of Korean BBQ spots, Exit 5 does not do an “All You Can Eat” menu. They do have a combination menu that features 3-4 meat options that you can choose how many to serve versus ordering individual portions. Exit 5 is also on the pricier side of the Korean BBQ spots I have been to, but I will say their quality of meat is fantastic. They definitely use the more expensive cuts and it is worth it. Another pro tip for Korean BBQ – go with a bunch of people. Exit 5 is probably one of the only spots you can get away with going for just 2 people since you can order smaller sizes of their meats, but most places, especially the all you can eat spots, will charge you extra for what you don’t finish. So therefore it is better to go with a larger group. Also going with a large group means that you can try more options and even go crazy with the sides. You don’t want to miss out on the extras, it really makes the experience. My recommendation is ordering Corn Cheese, Japchae, and Pancakes! You really can’t go wrong tho. Make sure you don’t have plans for the rest of the day after you eat because you will be ready for a nap. Grab a group of friends, order all the meats and dishes you can, and make sure to keep the cold beer flowing. For Exit 5’s full menu, check it out here.

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