Bangrak Market

Bangrak Market is a staple in Seattle. They are bringing delicious Thai food to Seattle in a fun, bright atmosphere. You walk in to the restaurant and are greeted with tantalizing smells and loud music. Their vibe is all about replicating Thailand street food and street markets and you are definitely transported to another country. Their ceilings feature colorful umbrella and baskets, typical of what you will find in Asia. At times it almost feels as if you are in a club with the loud music and the waiters scurrying by with their sparkler beers and shots lightening up the area! They sure know how to party and make their restaurant the spot to be. Upon looking around, you will find nothing but smiles and laughs coming from tables around as people raise their glasses and enjoy their food together.

Their menu is pretty large and can be a bit intimidating. It is broken down in to different categories – small plates, salads, soups, noodles + rice, and curry. They have vegetarian, chicken, beef, pork, and fish options and they can work to make dishes keto, gluten free and vegan friendly as long as you ask! They want to make sure everyone is included and can enjoy their delicious food. To start off our dinner, we ordered their Crab Delight, Crying Tiger, and Por Piea Tod. The crab delight are crab rangoon that are perfectly fried and creamy on the inside. These were probably the best crab wontons I have ever eaten and I have eaten a ton – they have always been one of my favorite appetizers. The Crying Tiger is a charbroiled steak served with a spicy Bangrak dipping sauce. HOLY OH MY GOD. This was the most flavorful, tender, and juicy steak I have eaten. I was shocked at how flavorful each bite was and it melted in my mouth. It wasn’t tough or chewy and was delicately grilled so it was still pink inside. DAMN…I would have totally been okay just eating this for dinner and definitely considered ordering another round of it but we had far too much food on the way. The Por Piea Tod are fried vegetarian egg rolls served with a sweet dipping sauce. They were light and crispy – definitely a must for any vegetarians!

Moving on to the main course. This was very difficult to choose from because they had so many great options. My friends ordered the Basil Fried Rice with Tofu and Mussamun Curry with Tofu. I personally did not try these two dishes, but my friends could not stop raving about the flavors and how delicious they were! I will say they definitely smelled absolutely incredible. My one friend loves thai food and gave this place a two thumbs up. I ordered the Kao Soi Chiang Mai with chicken and the Kua Gia. The Kao Soi Chiang Mai is egg noodles served in a creamy curry with chicken and topped with crispy noodles! It was the best of both worlds – you get the noodles and the soupy curry so I enjoyed that I didn’t have to choose between the two of them. 10/10 would recommend this dish. I have had a similar dish at other thai restaurants and this one outshines them all! The Kua Gia is pan fried noodles with egg, chicken, calamari and prawns. A perfect option for seafood lovers alike. The flavors were rich and bold. It was slightly sweet with a kick of heat at the end to balance it out.

As if we hadn’t eaten enough food, there is always room for dessert! The Coconut Rice Cakes looked interesting and I had never tried them. When they brought them out I was very confused because the dish was topped with green onions. At that point I was nervous and thought, was this the right dish? I braved the green onions and tried one of the coconut cakes. To my surprise it was really tasty. There was a thick, sweet coconutty paste in the middle surrounded by a light, airy ricey pancake. I recommend sharing these with the table for a dessert! Lastly, we did try their Thai Ice Tea and Thai Ice Coffee. Both were refreshing and a great start or end (or both) to the meal. Most thai ice teas are overly sweet and almost fake tasting, but this one was balanced well and you didn’t feel your teeth rotting while drinking it. The coffee is delicious if you’re wanting something with a stronger flavor and a bit more caffeine. The coffee also tasted sweeter to me, potentially just from the strong flavors versus the subtle tea.

For their menu, check here and make sure to give this spot a try if you haven’t. They usually start getting crowded in the later evenings and are almost a nightlife crowd since they serve fun cocktails and shot with sparklers!

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