The Right Slice

The Right Slice is a local pie company serving both sweet and savory pies to the community in Kauai. We came across it while we were waiting for our bus back to the hotel and decided to pop in for a sweet treat. It was hard to choose between all of their flavors, but we knew we wanted a sweet flavor! You can grab slices or you can purchase whole pies. We grabbed two slices since we really couldn’t decide and two is better than one, right? Our two flavors were Macadamia Nut and Lilikoi Cheesecake. Lilikoi means passion-fruit, which I had no clue – I honestly thought it was the name of a town or something! The lilikoi cheesecake was very similar to a key lime pie but a bit sweeter and less tart. The macadamia nut pie was very similar to a pecan pie, just with macadamia nuts instead. I am not a huge fan of pecan pie – during the holidays it is my least favorite so I usually skip it. But the macadamia nuts are SO much better than pecans, so this pie was a real winner. The crusts were flakey and buttery, which I appreciated and they were cooked perfectly, no raw dough here! They do not have a flavor list online, but you can find pictures of previous flavors on Yelp or stop in to check it out yourself!

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