Koloa Fish Market

Fish is very popular in Hawaii and it’s not surprise because they have some of the freshest and large variety. Fish markets are common and you will find one in each town, sometimes even multiple. These markets usually offer poke bowls, grilled fish specials, and fresh fish to take home. Koloa Fish Market is near the town center and you’ll probably find a line wrapped around their building. Don’t let this scare you away tho. Their line goes incredibly quick, just make sure you take a look at the menu so you are ready to order when you get to the front! This spot offers poke bowls and a variety of traditional hawaiian dishes. You’ll find kalua pork, shoyu pig, loco moco, and shoyu chicken on their menu if you aren’t wanting poke! For the poke, you can get a small, medium or large size. Then you choose your base – white rice, sushi rice or salad. Next, determine which fish you want – they have tuna options, shrimp, marlin and more! Next, you choose your sides – cucumber, edamame, or ocean salad. And finally any additional toppings – wasabi, aioli, furikake, teriyaki. It is as simple as that. If you love tuna, this is definitely the poke place for you – they have 6 varieties of tuna poke, which is the most I have ever seen at one place. Their menu is pretty simple and the choices are fairly limited – aside from their tuna choices. While this spot was delicious, it wasn’t my favorite. Mostly because 1) I am not the biggest tuna fan and 2) I wish they had more topping and side options. Aside from that though, the fish was really fresh and so were all the ingredients used. It is definitely worth checking out, even if you grab one of their lunch plates instead of poke! You can find their menu on Yelp or Facebook.

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