Dim n Den Sum

Dim n Den Sum is a little food truck located in Koloa on the island of Kauai with some big flavors. They are serving some fun asian foods that you will definitely want to try! Their menu changes frequently and it doesn’t seem like their hours are super consistent. But if you see them open definitely check them out. We grabbed their Shrimp Tempura Buns and the Dim Sum Sampler. The shrimp tempura buns are light and airy filled with crispy tempura shrimp, cabbage and topped with spicy mayo, tobiko and green onions. They were the perfect snack to hold you over in between meals and they are definitely best eaten fresh else the tempura gets soggy. The dim sum sampler comes with steamed shumai, coconut shrimp, bbq bao, dumplings, and tofu. For a sampler pack it was pretty good, definitely on the heavier side with most of the items being fried or heavily breaded. It wasn’t my favorite thing, but was fun to try. I think I would have preferred ordering more of the shrimp buns or grabbed something else to try. For their current menu check them out here.

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