La Chalupa

Mexican food in Hawaii? Sounds weird, I know. But this spot is dishing out some serious fish tacos on the island. They also have burritos, quesadillas, burrito bowls, and chalupas if tacos aren’t calling your name. In addition to shrimp and fresh fish, the menu also has barbacoa, chicken, carnitas and beef so there is something for everyone on the menu. If you loves tacos and specifically fish tacos this place should definitely be on your list. I grabbed an order of fish tacos and and order of shrimp tacos for the family to try. They were served on corn tortillas and topped with a fresh, crunchy slaw and salsa. The shrimp was incredible – perfectly cooked and seasoned, not to mention ridiculously fresh. The fish tacos were also very tasty, I just prefer shrimp. But the fish was light and flakey and luckily not dry or overcooked. Make sure to grab a taco plate or two and try them out. You can find their food truck in Koloa on the island of Kauai and their menu on Yelp or Facebook!

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