Kauai Bakery

Kauai Bakery is famous for a Hawaiian classic – malasadas. These are fried dough balls with filling – similar to a filled doughnut but much lighter and airier. Kauai Bakery makes them fresh everyday and has so many options to try. I got there when they were nearing their close, so my options were a bit limited, but still incredibly delicious. I grabbed one of each because I couldn’t choose – Cinnamon Sugar, Custard, Chocolate, and Classic (just sugar). They also have options like guava, ube, red bean and even some savory ones. My favorite was the custard or the cinnamon sugar. I am a sucker for filling, especially custard. Their custard was so creamy and not overly sweet! The chocolate custard was good, but too rich for me. The cinnamon sugar and classic were also both tasty but on the more boring side. I preferred the cinnamon sugar since it had more flavor than just the sugar, but I do wish there had been some custard inside! These make the perfect breakfast or afternoon snack, but I learned my lesson by not going early. So for the best selection make sure to get there in the morning!

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