Big Monster Sushi

What is better than sushi? Sushi in burrito form! Big Monster Sushi has all your sushi and sushi burrito needs covered. Before this spot, I had enjoyed a few other sushi burritos from various locations, but this one was by far the best. The fish was incredibly fresh and the salmon nigiri melted in my mouth. One of the top sushi spots I have had and it is crazy that this came out of a food truck! But it is Hawaii afterall so you do have access to some of the freshest fish there is. Their menu features sushi rolls, donburi, sushi burritos, nigiri + sashimi, and more. They have both signature and classic rolls in addition to a large vegetarian roll selection. I opted for their Super Man sushi burrito and 2 sides of salmon nigiri. The Super Man comes filled with tempura shrimp, crab mix, avocado, cucumber, mixed salad, spicy mayo and unagi sauce wrapped in rice + seaweed. It was absolutely delicious – such a perfect combination of flavors they did here. This was the best food truck I grabbed food from during our trip and definitely wish I had gone back for more. Their food truck is located in Koloa among a bunch of other food trucks. My recommendation is to grab a few things from all of them and share them with friends and family so you can try more! For their menu check here.

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