Dark Horse Coffee

Dark Horse Coffee is a cute shop located in Koloa on the Island of Kauai. It is the perfect spot for an afternoon pick me up and to sit down and cool off from a day in the sun. In Kauai you will find a ton of coffee shops that also roast their own beans, and Dark Horse is one of them! Off in the corner of their coffee shop, you will see all sorts of equipment used for roastery those delicious beans we all love so much. I found myself at this coffee spot multiple times during my trip. I loved the location and their indoor space. It was open and inviting and featured lots of natural light and that wonderful ocean breeze. I also really enjoyed their coffee. Their menu is pretty basic and what you will find in most shops – they have your traditional drinks – espresso, lattes, cappuccinos – and they also have a few speciality drinks – sea salt mocha, haupia foam cold brew, salted maple. If coffee isn’t your thing, they also have kombucha on tap, ginger beer and tea options available. I opted for a simple latte each time with oatmilk and every time is was perfect. If you are exploring the island and find yourself in the Koloa area, make sure to check this place out. It was a great pit stop to recharge – both physically and our electronics – while we were out walking around the area. The staff was friendly and welcoming, which is always a great thing to see! For the menu or to check out their coffee for sale, click here.

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