Healthy Hut

Healthy Hus is located in Kilauea on the Island of Kauai. It is the definition of a hippy grocery store with isles of frozen and fresh vegan, gluten free, and alternative foods. You’ll find healthy options around every corner and knowledgeable staff to guide your towards what you are looking for. This seems to be a local favorite and the staff knew all the locals that wandered in. It was awesome to see that sense of community from a little shop. They even have a little deli counter inside to grab a smoothie, juice, or coffee. Their menu features creamy smoothies, fruity smoothies, energy boosting smoothies, and refreshing smoothies. If you are looking for juices, you aren’t going to find the high sugar – high processed juices you might be accustomed to. They have a variety of vegetable and fruit juices that will help you start your day off right. I stopped by this spot before exploring the area and wandering around to the secret beach a few miles down the road (okay it was more like 5 miles) and this smoothie helped me get there. I woke up early and didn’t have time to eat breakfast, so I knew I needed something to get me through the hike. I grabbed the “Climb a Tree” and added peanut butter. It was thick and creamy – the peanut butter was a nice touch. This smoothie came with almond butter, bananas, almonds, coconut, cacao powder and cacao nibs. It was like a chocolatey, peanutty banana. If you love chocolate and banana, this was delicious! And definitely add some peanut butter for even more flavor and a bit more protein. For their menu, click here.

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