HealthGo Market

If you are staying near Kalapaki Beach, this is a great spot for a morning acai bowl! It is made inside a health foods store called HealthGo Market. They are a small little grocery store that also makes a small selection of food for you to take with! They have some acai bowls and smoothies on their menu that you can grab. I can’t remember the name of the one, but it was filled with fresh fruit and I opted to have it topped with granola, coconut shavings and flakes, and cacao nibs. I also opted to have peanut butter added in to it for extra flavor! This bowl was absolutely massive and I couldn’t even finish 1/4th of it. This is a great bowl to share with a few people after a long day in the sun or for a morning breakfast. I loved the ease of access to healthy options here, especially while vacationing. You typically won’t be able to find a lot of fresh fruits and better options, but was so pleased that this was right outside our hotel so instead of filling up on pancakes and hashbrowns, we were able to walk a few feet to grab a fresh acai bowl! There are definitely better acai bowl options on the island, but for convenience this one takes the cake. In the area we were staying, this was really the only acai bowl option. You can find their information here.

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