Stitch is a fun coffee shop that is connected to a plant shop. It is bright and open and is a pretty large space. It features a lot of natural sunlight and is a great place for breakfast with friends, coffee chats, or if you need some work or study time. Stitch has a great selection of coffee and feature classic drinks and fun lattes on their menu. My two favorites are their Tres Leches Latte and their Oaxacan Mocha. The mocha is slightly spicy, but not in a bad way – it pairs really well with the chocolate. Spicy chocolate is actually popular in Mexico, so this pairing isn’t as uncommon as one might think. The tres leches latte is on the sweeter side when you want to start your day off on a sweet note. I prefer them iced and with oat milk! If you are wanting something a bit more traditional, they make an incredible cappuccino – they nail the espresso to milk to foam ration and it is light and delicious. If you want something a little stronger, they do offer a small selection of alcoholic beverages for your choosing.

Now on to the good stuff, the food. They have a delicious menu of tacos, burritos or bowls. If you are wanting a more pastry like breakfast, they offer tarts – both sweet and savory. These are basically adult poptarts and are delicious! If you still aren’t sure if those sound good and want something heavier and more sinful, they have breakfast tots and totchos! I saw several tables with these tots and oh my god they looked delicious and honestly like the perfect hangover cure after a long, late night out. I ventured here a few times for breakfast because 1) it’s delicious and 2) it was a great spot for me to chill and work and also catch up with old friends. While I was there I tried their quick draw and migas tacos, as well as their campfire and bam bam tart. Honestly I wish I had gone a few more times and tried more of their menu, but I will most definitely look forward to returning. The tacos were simple, but flavorful and range from $3.25-$4.75. The quick draw taco comes with scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, and espresso glazed bacon along with a side of smoky salsa. It was simple but damn that bacon was phenomenal. I have never tasted crispier, melt in your mouth bacon than this. It had a slightly sweet and coffee taste with the espresso glaze and I never want to eat any other bacon for the rest of my life. The migas taco was a little heartier and filled with scrambled eggs, tortilla chips, refried black beans, onion, poblano, cilantro and cheese topped with fresh avocado and also served with their salsa! I loved the flavors of this taco so much! The tarts were also fire. I went with sweet tarts because why not. The campfire is a smore’s tart – filled with chocolate and marshmallow in between a flakey, chocolate chip-graham cracker dough and finished off with a vanilla glaze and burnt marshmallow. Way better than actual poptarts! The bam bam was a take on fruity pebbles – fruit pebble dough, strawberry filling and a cereal milk icing on top. HOLY MOLY I could eat 100 of their tarts and tacos. They also have plenty of vegetarian and vegan options so everyone can enjoy their tacos and tarts without missing out.

If you haven’t been to Stitch yet, definitely check it out. It is located in West Village next to the Jones Assembly! For their menu and coffee beans you can purchase, check their website out here.

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