Plant…I have very mixed feelings for this spot. So I will start by saying that it is very awesome that Oklahoma has diversified enough to offer a place for people with dietary restrictions. I love to see OKC having healthier options. Many, many years ago when I lived in OKC I was vegan for a time and it was so challenging. My options were extremely limited, in fact there were only about 3-5 restaurants that even offered any sort of vegan/plant based options that wasn’t just a side salad. Eating out was an extreme challenge if I wanted something other than some raw vegetables. It does make me so happy to see all of these options popping up around the city, and even restaurants that are not strictly plant based now have delicious options! Plant is a cute space too with exposed brick, large windows, and appropriately they have a lot of plants around their shop. I love the look of their store a lot because it is simple and clean. What I do not love so much about this place is the price. Trust me, I get it that organic, plant-based ingredients can be expensive because you pay for what you get. However, I have a very hard time forking out $14 for a smoothie that I could definitely make at home. I ordered their seasonal smoothing which is titled “Best Fucking Smoothie Ever” it in fact was NOT the best smoothie ever. It was fine, but it was not some magical smoothie with some incredible taste. I expected a LOT more for paying $14. At that price there should really be some gold in it or something because that is just ridiculous. Their menu did look great and I wanted to try a few more items, but after forking out that much for a smoothie I would have gone broke if I tried anything else. I really wanted to like and support this female owned business, but there was also a recent sexual harassment incident that I just don’t think I can support them due to the way it was handled. As much as I am so proud of OKC for growing and having options like these, honestly hard pass for me for this place. I am sure if you have dietary restrictions and can afford to pay that much for a meal, then if you can overlook the management style go for it!

To view their menu and prices, click here.

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