Cuppies + Joe

Cuppies + Joe has been around OKC for over a decade now. It opened up when I was in highschool and was the best place to go study or grab a cupcake and hang with friends. You would walk in to the house, turned coffee shop and instantly feel welcomed and cozy. They had eclectic furniture that although it didn’t all match, it made the space – i can’t imagine what it would have been like if the shop was uniform, it would have lost the charm. You were also always greeted with the friendly staff behind the counter, eagerly awaiting to serve you a cupcake and make you a tasty drink. I went there often enough throughout the years that I knew most of the baristas and the owners and they really made you feel like a part of their family. I spent so many hours here studying or chatting with friends and everytime I came home to visit from college it was a must go. My favorite cupcakes were the Boom Boom Pow or the Neverland. The Boom Boom Pow was a vanilla cupcake, chocolate icing, caramel and sea salty – a great sweet-salty combination. The neverland was a peanut butter cupcake that had a hershey kiss in the center and a chocolate ganache on top – and was best warmed up for 15 seconds. They had fun cupcake names and had a frozen hot chocolate and frozen chai that were to die for, especially in the hot OKC summers. This was the coffee shop I rememer and loved.

A few years ago the original owners of the shop announced they would be closing forever and I was absolutely devastated (even though I no longer lived in OKC, it was still a staple). Then miraculously, they announced a new owner had bought the shop and would continue operating! I was so excited and was ready to plan a trip home and stop by. Well….on my trip to OKC, I of course had to stop in for a cupcake and coffee and I am sorry but I was so disappointed. They had completely changed the space, their menu, and the names of the cupcakes. First, the space – it was not longer warm and inviting and it just felt cold and dark. They removed a lot of the old furniture and replaced the comfy seats with tables and chairs. Most interestingly though was the decor…. it was covered with OKC Thunder paintings, posters, and pictures with random movie posters sprinkled in. Very off brand for a coffee shop – almost like they wanted to be a sport’s bar? Very unclear and unsettling. My friend and I couldn’t understand what was happening, maybe they were sponsored by the Thunder or they just really love the Thunder. I am a Thunder fan, but like keep that at home it just doesn’t vibe with a coffee shop. Their cupcake menu appeared to be the same cupcakes but all the fun names were gone. The Boom Boom Pow was now just called Salted Caramel – BORING! Also they got a little pissed when I referred to it as a Boom Boom Pow. Like I am sorry I went here for 12 years ordering the same cupcake so it is just habit. The cupcakes also tasted different so that was a bit disappointing. It could have just been my overall feel for the place and that reflected on the cupcake flavors.

If you grew up going to Cuppies, then honestly don’t go back. Keep the great memories of the old days. I will cherish the memories I made at this shop and the old days, but don’t foresee myself returning or making new memories here. If you want to see their menu, check it out here.

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