The Berliner

The Berliner…oh man this place. I discovered (and by that I mean someone took me here) about 4 years ago when my husband and I had just started dating. My husband knew of this place and had been going there for years. Some background info that will be helpful for this post. My husband is very German, although he was born in the US, he lived in Germany for the majority of his like and German was his first language. His family also has ties to Germany – so let me set the stage that he is very passionate about German food and the authenticity of it. The Berliner is a doner kebab restaurant serving up very authentic dishes! All of their meats are cooked in the traditional way, roasting on a spits that cooks and caramelize the meat as it spins. The menu is pretty basic, but don’t confuse basic and boring because it is far from that. They offer chicken, lamb and beef, and vegetarian options. Once you choose the meat you want they have 4 different flavor options. They have a House (dill yogurt), a Berliner (garlic sauce), Fiery Kreuzberg (spicy yogurt chili sauce) and a Scorching Kreuzberg (very very spicy house sauce). Once you choose the sauce type you want, the last step is choosing between their bread and wrap. Pro Tip: always go with the bread! Their bread is fluffy and warm and probably the best bread I have ever had. I’m sure the wrap is fine, but if you want a very authentic doner kebab, the bread is the way to go. Another pro tip: always get an extra side of their garlic sauce. I could drink this stuff it is so damn good. All of the sandwiches come filled with cucumber, tomato and romaine. and red cabbage. Make sure to grab some extra napkins too because these delicious sandwiches are messy AF. I rarely have eaten one of these without making an entire mess and getting sauce all over my face, hands and clothes but it is so worth it. My go to order is the Lamb and Beef Berliner on their house bread with a side of garlic sauce. I used to venture here once a week for lunch when I was working in the offices, but haven’t been as much recently with working from home, but this place is definitely worth the trip! For their menu and hours check them out here.

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