S&B Burgers

S+B burgers has been a long standing burger spot in OKC. It started in the first floor of an office building and grew to a few locations after that. A few years ago, it reached peak fame and the originally owners sold it, except for their original location. In about 2-3 years, it seemed that S+B had grown from 2 or 3 locations to almost a dozen (11 to be exact). In my opinion, when they grew so fast they lost their quality and taste. Their original location is the best – I think it is the location that has maintained the flavor and the original essence of the burger joint. On my recent trip though it does appear as if this location’s menu has changed slightly, which was a bit upsetting since one of my favorite items was no longer there! Thunder fries – my favorite fries. They came covered with a special sauce, swiss cheese, and diced ham. They were a bit spicy and so good – it does look like they are still on the menu at the 9th street location (perhaps since this is downtown and people probably go here to watch the Thunder games). My favorite burger is The Fatty – it is their signature burger that comes with american cheese, pickles and grilled onions. Basic but delicious! Another favorite of mine is the Theta which comes with mayo, theta sauce, pickles and cheddar cheese. Theta sauce is apparently a very Oklahoma thing – but it is kind of like a smokier, slightly sweeter BBQ sauce; ya gotta try it! S+B also offers daily specials – I think each location offers different specials, so check out each menu. But for example, they will do specials for burgers + fries, milkshake specials, etc! They used to have Fatty Fridays, where you could get an original fatty and fries for a very cheap price. If you want a tasty burger, I recommend going to the original location – 59th street on May Avenue. The 9th street location is a close second to flavor, but honestly skip any of the other locations…I really just think as they expanded quickly they lost their quality and taste. This is an opinon that several people I know also hold. For all their locations and menus click here.

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