The Hall’s Pizza Kitchen

The Hall’s Pizza started out as a food truck many moons ago and have now opened a shop in mid-town! The shop has been open for a few years and I have been lucky enough to try it a few times – I was a regular at the food truck so I knew I already loved their pizza! Their pizza is wood fired and is always cooked to perfection – crispy crust with a fluffy inside and melty, ooey-gooey cheese and toppings! They have a beautiful dining room, as well as a large outdoor patio upstairs that is great for the spring and fall when the weather is the best (not too hot or windy!). They even have a banging brunch in Saturdays with brunch pizza – what more could you possibly want? Oh maybe some of their homemade should definitely grab a few of those.

One of the best deals on their menu? Their lunch special. You get an individual appetizer (you can choose between quinn’s burrata or the uncle rico) + salad of choice + slice of pizza for the price of $15. Honestly it is a seriously great deal. It is so much food and such a low price and you get a little but of everything. The Quinn’s burrata is one of the most popular appetizers and is as the name suggests, burrata, with truffle honey, prosciutto, and calabrese oil served with their wood fired flat bread. The Uncle Rico was just as tasty and is ricotta with burnt honey, sea salt + pepper and served with flat bread. They also have garlic knots, bruschetta, bacon jam
+ pimento. And if you can’t decide, you can grab their Indecisive and taste a bit of their favorites! If you are trying to have a lighter lunch or something healthier, they also have 4 different salads to choose from! The julius caesar is incredible – it is light, tangy and bright. All the dishes use the freshest ingredients and you can taste the difference.

Another cool thing about this pizza restaurant is they create new pizza’s weekly for their weekly specials. So you can go there every week and try their new creation if you’re feeling adventurous. You can’t beat some of the classics on their menu though. They have so many to choose from ranging from classic to unique and fun. All of their pizzas (aside from the two vegan options) are all $21 for a full size so you don’t have to worry about picking one with fewer toppings to save a few bucks, you can actually enjoy the pizza of your choice. I love that they make their pizza’s the same price, no matter what toppings are on them because I really do feel like it makes the options endless since I am not worried about the pizza I want with more toppings costing more.

To be tempted by all of their delicious pizza and desserts check out their menu here. And be sure to peep their brunch menu while you’re at it and plan your next meal there!

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