Magasin Table

Magasin Table is located instead 8th Street Market near downtown OKC. To my surprise, they have been opened for 3 years – I live under a rock sometimes with the food scene in OKC. I love the 8th Street Market concept because you can grab food and a drink and sit in the open space either sharing a table with friends or you can sit and work or chill by yourself. There is also no pressure to rush, just make sure to return your dishes to the place you got them from. Magasin Table is an asian spot serving up banh mi, baos, vermicelli bowls and more. They are quick and tasty and fresh. Their dishes are also prices fairly and you get large quantities that you can definitely share. I recommend grabbing an appetizer to share with the table because sharing is caring and then you can try more of their delicious items. On my 10 day trip, I went here twice for lunch. Once alone and once with my parents – I knew going with my parents meant they would over order and I would be able to try bites of many, delicious items.

During my alone lunch (which honestly I am a huge fan of dining alone, especially when traveling – it is so freeing and it is a time for just me) I ordered a grilled chicken bao and a pork banh mi. The bao was light and fluffy, filled with juicy, glazed chicken and topped off with fresh and pickled vegetables. It was a flavor bite that was the perfect size – honestly I probably could have just grabbed two of these for lunch and it would have been enough. Now to the banh mi – oh my gosh, when they dropped it off at the table I was shocked at how large it was! It was like the size of my forearm and loaded with filling. Mine was filled with tender pork and then each banh mi comes with cucumber, jalapenos, cilantro and pickled carrots on a baguette. The crusty baguette paired with the warm meat and crunchy, cold, pickled vegetables is something of pure genius. Banh mis are some of my favorite sandwiches since they are the perfect balance of so many textures and flavors. If you have not had one before, definitely grab one ASAP and your world will be rocked! When I grabbed lunch with my parents, I of course had to try another banh mi, but this time I went with their chinese sausage and egg. We also ordered shrimp tempura, eggrolls, pork buns, gyoza (dumplings) and a sliced pork bao. Honestly, it was way too much and too much fried food – but that is what happens when I let my dad order! Their banh mi and baos are definitely the star of their menu. Their gyoza, shrimp tempura, and eggrolls were all very tasty and delectibly crispy. Next time I would have tried their vermicelli or rice bowl or their pho becuase I have a feeling if it is anything like their banh mis it would be absolutely phenomenal!

They do not have a website, but you can find them on facebook or yelp!

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