Eote Coffee

Eote – Ends of The Earth. So I don’t know the exact date this coffee shop opened, but I think it is fairly new because I had not been to or heard of it (now this doesn’t mean much because I am not as in touch with the okc food and coffee scene as I used to be). But it is located in a pretty new building next to the new City and State – in fact parts of this building were still under construction. They are also a roastery, so maybe they have been roasting and have expanded to a shop. Whatever it is, you need to go though. It is located in the bottom level of the building on 6th street. The decor and vibe of this place might be my new favorite. It is dark, but not in like a dark cold way – more in like a comfortable, you’re chilling at home in a blanket while it is raining outside way. They have these comfortable brown leather couches that you just kind of melt in. I loved spending time in this space because it was calming and welcoming and peaceful. It had this sense of ease – very hard to explain, but trust me stop by and grab a cup for there and you will understand. I went here a few times during my trip to work – the only downside is getting a seat is hit or miss. They don’t have a ton of tables with seating, so if you are needing a spot to work, you might not be in luck all the time. They do have some chairs and outdoor seating aplenty, but that is not ideal when ya need an indoor spot for work. They do also have a very large half circle booth – apparently this spot is more communal, so don’t be afraid to ask if you can scoot in if someone is already there. I learned this a little too late and probably would have been to awkward to ask. This is a great option though if you are wanting to read, enjoy a cup of coffee, or work on something quietly – I think if you need to talk a lot it would be distracting for the other people at the same table. Anyways, their coffee was also delicious! One day I was there for 4-5 hours and I think I consumed at least 1 coffee per hour, so I was able to try a variety. One of their current seasonal drinks was a Mexican Chili Mocha – it was very good. I got mine icea and it was a dark chocolate with a slight kick on the back of the throat. Another seasonal special that I tried was the brownie latte – oatmilk, mocha and cinnamon. This one was served hot and it was pretty good, although it kind of just tasted like a mocha to me, which is not a bad thing. Before returning to Seattle I also grabbed 3 bags of beans, 2 tshirts, and a coffee tumblr from them. Seriously, their stuff is dope!

For their menu, merch, and coffee click here – they also have online ordering and shipping available (for merch and beans, unfortunately not their drinks…yet. maybe one day in the future!).

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