Iguana Mexican Grill

Iguana Mexican Grill has been around for a very very long time. They used to have a location on Western, but moved to the 16th street location way back when I was in Middle school (maybe highschool). I remember going her almost every tuesday in Highschool for taco tuesday and would always stop in when I came home from college. Not only do they have a great happy hour Monday-Friday, they also have their infamous Taco Tuesdays! These taco tuesdays are legendary. When I was in high school and early in college, these tacos were just $1 for street size tacos, so you could eat dinner for very cheap! And it was super fun to go with friends and share some guac and queso. Obviously, that was like 10 years ago (not to date myself), so now their taco tuesday prices are a bit higher. They have $2 and $4 tacos as well as drink specials. The tacos during this special are not customizable, but they do have a selection for everyone – usually a beef, pork, chicken and vegetable. Then their $4 taco is a bit larger and is more creative and fun with extra toppings! Like I mentioned the also have drink specials – you can get a drink for between $3-$7, depending on your selection. Their drinks are strong, guac fresh, and tacos tasty. Their regular menu is also not short of tasty treats. They’ve got nachos, quesadillas, enchiladas, fajitas, and of course tacos – and some other specials! Their taco menu is very fun. You’ll find classics like al pastor and carne asada but you will also find cheeseburger, pork belly banh mi, and crispy chicken tacos. This spot is great for a casual date night, catching up with friends or family, or catching a bite to eat before hitting a night on the town or going to a Thunder game. Some of my favorite memories are here with my mom – growing up we would come to taco tuesday almost every week and just have mother-daughter bonding time over tacos and queso! It was perfect and so fun and a win-win that neither of us had to cook dinner and got a break from my dad (we obviously love him dearly, but sometimes ya just need a break from men…lol).

They don’t have their taco tuesday menu online since it changes weekly, but you can find their happy hour and regular menu here.

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