The Mule

The Mule, one of the best restaurant creations in OKC and actually maybe ever! This place is a grilled cheese lovers paradise. So many grilled cheese options and fun fillings. This place opened up when I still lived in OKC and is located on 16th street and I used to go there alllll the time! They also have a bar with fun cocktails. You can even leave someone a drink! They have a giant chalkboard where people will pay ahead to leave someone a drink – usually it is very detailed or for a specific person, but some people will leave a random drink for anyone to pick up. Pretty cool! On the weekends they also feature a delicious brunch, and you can never go wrong with brunch. The brunch menu features biscuits and gravy, a short rib burrito, and a blue plate special. Now to their sandwiches – so many to choose from. Pictured above is their Big Ass Grilled Cheese – full of a lot of various cheeses and perfectly melty and grilled between buttery sourdough. It is like the kraft grilled cheese you grew up on, but the adult version with much higher quality, better tasting cheese. It is crispy when you bite down on it at first, but then becomes soft and buttery and so good. My favorite name is F.Y.D.H which stands for For Your Damn Hangover and has avocado, goat cheese, pepperjack, bacon, spicy aioli and an over easy egg. If you are feeling more adventurous try their Macaroni Pony which comes with chipotle bbq pulled pork, mac and cheese, and pickles between jalapeno cornbread. They creations are endless. One of my go tos when I went there all the time was the Caprese – sun dried tomato pesto, basil pesto, fresh tomatoes, fontina and parmesan and finished off with a balsamic reduction. You also must get a side order of their sweet potato fries – they manage to get them incredibly crispy without burning them. They are delicious! I am usually not a fan of sweet potato fries because they usually just come out all mushy and gross – but this is the one place I know I will also get crispy beauties! If you want to start your meal off on the right foot, make sure to get an order of their cheese curds and a side of their tomato soup – the cheese curds dunked in the soup make me want to cry tears of joy.

I know what you’re thinking, why would I go to a restaurant that makes grilled cheeses when I can make one at home for a cheaper price? Well because these are not just any regular grilled cheeses as you can see from my brief descriptions of a few of them above. But for their full menu to drool over all their delicious offerings, click here.

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