City and State

City + State is one of OKC’s newest restaurants! It opened just a few weeks back and is a great place to grab Sunday brunch, happy hour drinks, or a nice dinner. They have a beautiful downstairs dining area and a great open patio upstairs along with a bar and lounge areas. It has a modern, contemporary vibe going on throughout the restaurant but everything comes together so well and looks amazing. It is definitely an aesthetically pleasing place to grab a drink or dinner. We grabbed brunch on a Sunday to check it out and enjoy this place – my dad had actually already been because at almost 70 years old he is way cooler than I am or ever will be. No but really, my dad knows all the new and cool places to go around OKC and every time we go out, he somehow knows the owner, chefs, servers, people eating there…you name it! He’s a local celebrity (not really, he is just the friendliest guy ever and loves to talk to people!). Back to brunch! Their menu is very diverse, which I love. You won’t find typical brunch dishes like omelets and pancakes, but instead you will find a number of cajun inspired dishes. Their brunch leans more towards the savory side, but I love a savory breakfast so the menu was heaven for me. We grabbed 4 dishes for the 3 of us eating because it was so hard to decide and sharing is the best way to do brunch. We ordered the Shrimp + Grits, Chorizo Hash, Nutella Stuffed French Toast, and Boudin + Cornbread Benedict. They also feature a chicken sandwich, chicken + waffles, a giant burger, and a croque madam as well as some lighter fare such as salads, yogurt and avocado toast.

Our dishes were absolutely incredible. The shrimp and grits come with fully headed shrimp, so if you aren’t in to that then maybe skip this one – but it does allow for the fullest flavor in the shrimp. It also comes with bacon and blistered tomatoes – for an eggstra breakfast vibes add an over-easy egg on top! The chorizo hash was filled with chorizo, onions, peppers, black beans, potatoes and pico drizzled with a crema. My dad ordered over-easy eggs on top, which is definitely the way to go here! The hash was so full of flavors and colors! My dish, the benedict was my favorite. If you don’t know what boudin is, it is a traditional cajun/creole dish that is a mixture of ground pork and rice. The benedict came with griddled cornbread topped with boudin, poached eggs, bacon fat hollandaise, and a sprinkle of puffy rice on top for some crisp! It was absolute perfection and I wish I could eat this dish every day for the rest of my life. It was that good! Lastly, we ordered the nutella stuffed french toast because it just sounded too damn good to not try! It is challah bread stuffed with nutella then topped with chantilly cream and bananas. Although this sounds really sweet and heavy, they added orange zest and fresh mint to cut through the heaviness of the dish.

This will definitely be a must go to everytime I visit OKC. I can’t wait to go back and try their dinner menu and cocktails – if their brunch was that fire I know the rest of their menu will be insanely good. For their menus and to make a reservation, click here. *Reservations are not required, but they are becoming a trendy spot, so always better safe than having to wait or not be able to go!

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