Mission Cantina

Mission Cantina is located in West Seattle and is a great spot for weekend brunch. I don’t come here as often as I used to, but that is mostly due to the West Seattle bridge construction that is forever taking. This is a great spot to grab brunch with friends. This place used to offer bottomless mimosas, it was really one of the star features that drew me in. They took a break from the bottomless (unclear if it was due to covid or local liquor laws) but it does appear they are back on the menu, but I cannot speak to how they are doing them now. They do offer 16 flavors you can choose from – classic, sangria, guava, mango, prickly pear and much more! The prickly pear, guava and sangria are my top 3 favorites. Their flavors do rotate based on seasonality, but you really can’t go wrong with any flavor of mimosa! Their bottomless mimosas used to require the purchase of 1 meal per person participating and they would come in these long, cylindrical glasses that probably held 4-6oz of fluid. It was great because you could try so many flavors. Their menu now states that they have bottomish for $14, but it’s $1 for 8oz refills (will have to go again soon to try out their new bottomish style). They also offer carafes for $16 which are great for sharing with a group of 3-4! Now on to their food! I have only been for their brunch, but it is bangin! The chilaquiles is my go to – it starts with house-made tortilla chips with their red and green salsa, topped with two fried eggs, cotija cheese, cream and avocado and served with a side of black beans. My other favorites include their Huevos Rancheros, Buenos Nachos, and Huevos Torta. Their food is fresh and flavorful and everything I have tried is incredible. You can make reservations, which I definitely recommend for weekend brunch because they can get super crowded and it’s never fun to have to wait for your mimosas in the morning! For reservations, their menu, and more click here.

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