Standard Brewing

STANDARD BREWING – okay so hear me out, these tacos are from a brewery located just south of Cap Hill. I tried their Animal and Brisket a Co-Co – a quick google search though appears they have changed their menu and do not offer these tacos anymore. The Animal is filled with pork shoulder, onions, cilantro, cotija, and fermented hot sauce. The Brisket a Co-Co is filled with coconut milk and turmeric braised collard greens, cilantro and cotija. Their tacos had a great taste and rich flavor. They also don’t skimp on the filling! The meat was fairly tender and juicy, but there were bites that were a bit dry – perhaps from from tortilla as well. We both agreed that they could use a salsa or some kind of sauce to add a bit more flavor and to mitigate the dryness. The tortilla was basic, but nothing to ride home about. We were definitely impressed by the amount of filling and toppings these tacos had! Their tacos are $4 each, which is a little steep in my opinion for what you are getting. But nonetheless, a great taco to grab while you are grabbing some beers with friends.

Find their menu, hours and locations here.

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