Storyville coffee is a cute coffee shop with two locations. The one I frequent is located in Pike’s Place Market on the top floor of the Corner Market Building. It is a cute space that overlooks a portion of Pike Place Market, so you can grab a cup of coffee and a pastry and chill out. For some reason, I loved this place even more when it is raining. It is very comforting and warm tones, which are perfect for a cold, rainy day. Also, if it is your first time visiting their shop, you can sign up for their rewards program (with no commitments from your end, just an email address) and they will give you a free coffee mug! If you are a coffee mug collector, like myself, add this place to your list to grab a cup to re-use time and time again.

I also LOVE their coffee – I think they make some of the best in the city. That is a pretty tall order in Seattle, there are so many coffee shops that you really have to be great, no extraordinary, to stand out. They roast their own beans that you can also get shipped straight to your door! You can get whole beans, keurig pods, and nespresso capsules – so many ways to get your caffeine fix! If you live close enough though, take your laptop or a good book and hangout for a while sipping a hot coffee – perhaps a cappuccino or a latte – and just relax and live in the moment. Being at Storyville brings me peace and the space is so inviting it just makes me forget everything else going on and I can just take a deep breath, exhale, and chill.

Check out their website here for their products and order your beans or pods today!

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