Rancho Bravo

RANCHO BRAVO – two locations in Cap Hill and Wallingford serving up some classic tacos and other Mexican dishes. We ordered the Carnitas and Shredded Beef. These are as basic as it gets. They come filled with meat and topped with diced onions and cilantro and served with your choice of salsa verde or roja on the side. The meat in these tacos is so juicy, tender and flavorful they can really stand on their own without any salsa or added toppings. Their tortillas are decent, not the best but not the worst. They also come filled with a ton of meat so you are definitely getting your money’s worth here! These are the best if you’re looking for a no-frill, basic taco with some serious meat filling! A single taco will cost you $3.10-$3.60 which is a great price! They also have so many filling options – steak, chicken, spicy pork, carnitas, fish, mole chicken, chorizo, lengua, tripa, vegetarian mix (carrots, zucchini, bell pepper, mushrooms, and eggplant), shredded beef, and shredded chicken. If you want some basic, but good a$$ tacos definitely make a stop here, you will not be dissapointed. They price and flavors are unbeatable – but you aren’t getting anything fancy, so just know that going in. They also have burritos, tamales, salads, tortas, nachos, and taquitos. On top of that, they are open late so if pizza isn’t you jam for some grub after a night out, this place has you covered! They also offer catering, so check them out for your next large event and let them do all the work for you while you get all the credit for serving delicious tacos – everyone loves tacos afterall!

You can find their menu and catering options here!

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