Tapas Castilla – Part 2

Tapas is so fun! It is the perfect cuisine to share with friends and family so you can try several different dishes without having to commit. If you’re like me, it is so hard to decide what to eat because usually the entire menu looks amazing! That is why I love tapas because they are small bites, so even if you are by yourself you can get 2-3 plates to try!

Castilla in Bellevue, WA has some of the best tapas I have found since trying it in Spain. Since I posted my first review of this restaurant, I have been back a few more times and tried some additional dishes – including their paella. The paella was pretty incredible – we opted for the rabbit (which I was a little concerned with because I was afraid it would be a little tough and gamey – but it was so tender and juicy with a mild flavor). If you are wanting to try their Paella, it is a ~20-30 minutes wait time for them to prep it fresh; also it requires a 2 serving minimum at $31 per serving. We ordered the paella and about 4-5 other small plates and had plenty of leftovers for the 2 of us. The paella comes filled with bomba rice, sofrito, saffron & mushroom broth, chorizo, shrimp, fava beans, peas, mushrooms, fire roasted peppers, and the rabbit and is topped with garlic aioli and lemon. It is light and fresh, but will also keep you satisfied – 10/10 would recommend the paella. My other favorites include: pan y tomaca (basically cold tomato “sauce” and fresh bread), mediterranean chicken, patatas bravas, chorizo empanadas, truffle mushroom basil croquettes, ham & cheese croquettes, dungeness crab stuffed mushrooms, tortilla de patata, and crab & artichoke dip. And of course don’t forget to grab a pitcher of their sangria! If you are wanting a light, bright and refreshing drink – opt for the white sangria; it is on the sweeter side. If you are wanting a more bold, classic drink – opt for their red sangria; it is bolder with a stronger flavor.

Check out their website here. *note they do not have their full menu online, but you can get an idea of what they have and order delivery if you live nearby!

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