Candor Coffee

Coffee shops – everyone has that perfect coffee shop they could spend hours in. Every place I have lived, I can name a shop I spent endless hours in – studying, hanging with friends, sipping coffee, and just enjoying a moment. Living in Seattle there are a TON of amazing coffee shops, but when we moved to Kent (about 20 miles outside of the city), the options become much fewer. The majority of coffee shops near us are drive thrus or Starbucks. I love Starbucks, let me be clear, but it is not the ~vibe~ I am looking for when I want a place to sit and relax for a bit or get some work done. Here’s where Candor Coffee comes in to play. It is a fairly new coffee shop located (technically) in Renton between the Costco and Asian Market (both of which I frequent). The space is open, bright, calming, and they have lots of plants/greenery which just makes a space so inviting. They also have a friendly staff, delicious drinks, and a perfect playlist. I love going here on my days off, or even for a few hours in between meetings to grab a latte, pastry, and finish work or work on my blog – it is my home away from home when I need to just get out of the house and find a new space for creativity.

They’ve got great drink specials too – Churro Latte, Blackberry Earl Grey Latte, Rootbeer Epresso Float, and more! They rotate frequently, so make sure to stop in and check them out before they are gone – you can see what their specials are on their instagram page. If you need a new spot to relax, work, or just to grab some grat coffee make sure to stop in! They also sell local products to support vendors, which is super cool!

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