Ting Tong Thai

Ting Tong Thai is hands down our favorite thai spot by us! It is located in Kent, WA and serves up mouthwatering thai dishes. i have been eating here for 5+ years and you can find me there at least once a week (usually take out on a busy weeknight!). Everything is prepared fresh and you can taste the high quality ingredients they use. My go-tos are usually Pad Thai (I know I’m basic), Pad Kee Mao, Sizzling Heavenly Beef, or Basil Fried Rice! Their Chicken Satay and Fresh Spring Rolls are also on my list of must have appetizers. The great thing about most of the dishes, is they make great leftovers – so order extra and eat it for lunch the next day.

The owners and staff are super friendly and when we used to dine-in would always remember us and ask how everyone was doing! They are definitely community focused, which is so wonderful to have close by. Even if you do not live in Kent, I highly recommend you take a trip to this place. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll be hooked and want to keep going back. *There are several thai restaurants nearby, but this place definitely ranks supreme in my book and every time I branch out and try another location it just doesn’t compare!

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