Pasta Casalinga

Pasta Casalinga is a small shop located in Pike Place Market that is off the beaten path and a little hard to find, so make sure you’re paying attention or you might miss it! I walked all around Pike Place to find this delicious Italian eatery! I have been following them on instagram for a while and their pasta is always mouthwatering so I knew I had to track this place down and taste it for myself! The menu is simple and they rotate it periodically based on seasonal ingredients and availability – which is super awesome so you are always getting the freshest ingredients. All the pasta is also made in house from scratch and you can absolutely tell the difference. Actually, everything is made by hand from scratch. The owner puts so much love and care in to each dish, you can taste the quality in each bite. I decided to go simple for my first visit because I really wanted to taste the freshness and flavor without too many ingredients. They offer a simple (but not basic, because their pasta is so much better than basic) pasta – Pomodoro, which is pasta with san marzano traditional tomato sauce. I also opted for fresh burrata on top because you can’t go wrong with more cheese! WOW! I don’t think any pasta I make or eat will ever compare to this dish. Even though it was pasta, it still managed to be light and fresh. You could taste the tomatoes and not the sugary jarred sauce we are all used to. It was simple but elegant. Like I mentioned above, they have a simple menu and typically offer 5 dishes – the Pomodoro, From the Ocean, From the Farm, From the Garden, and Everyday. As you can probably guess, the ocean features some sort of seafood, the farm features a meat, the garden features vegetables, and the everyday is typically a lasagna. Also check out their garb and go section with a selection of sauces and pre-made pasta dishes ready to heat and eat! Definitely don’t skip this spot, even if you are stuffed full from all the delicious market eats just grab a plate and take it home – trust me you will regret it if you don’t!

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