Cupcake Royale

I have been to Cupcake Royale many, many times in my 5 years in Seattle, but the cupcakes never seem to last long enough for me to take pictures of them! they are just that good! My personal favorite is The Gay – it is a rainbow sprinkle vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream. I am a sucker for anything rainbow or with sprinkles. My second favorite is The Kate – it is a chocolate cupcake with a vanilla buttercream, also a perfect combination if you as me! I don’t think there is a flavor I haven’t tried from them.

This time I ordered their seasonal Pot O’ Gold and Cookies and Cream. The Pot O’ Gold is a chocolate cupcake infused with Guinness Stout, filled with a Whiskey buttercream and topped with an Irish Cream frosting. Sounds like a lot, but these flavors WORK! It was super rich, but not overly indulgent or sweet. The Cookies and Cream is a chocolate cupcake with an oreo buttercream. Their cupcakes are moist and soft and not overly sweet. There frostings are also delicious – rich, but also perfectly balanced. Make sure you order a few extra to take home because they do not last long and you will definitely be eating them in the car, or before you step foot out of the shop!

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