Smoking Monkey Pizza

Pizza is one of the best creations the universe has bestowed on us. But, not all pizza is the same and not all pizza is good… we’ve all had pizza that deserves to just be in the garbage. Well that is NOT the case with Smoking Monkey Pizza. It was a delight to eat – full of flavor and cheese and a crispy crust.

This pizza joint is located in Renton, WA near their downtown area. It is currently only offering takeout due to COVID, but they were super quick and had my pizza ready when I walked in the door! They’ve got some fun pizza creations and names. We ordered the Pep Perfection ($18), Cosmic Chicken ($20), and a Caesar Salad ($9). The Pep Perfection is topped with marinara, provolone, parmesan and wall-to-wall pepperoni. A lot of places claim to put a lot of pepperoni on their pizza, but this place actually sticks to their word – it was COVERED! They use those small, round pepperonis that crisp up on the outside and have a strong flavor! It was absolute perfection. And don’t forget a side of ranch because it it was creamy and dreamy – also don’t @ me for eating ranch on my pizza because its delicious and I do not feel bad about it at all. The Cosmic Chicken comes topped with creamy alfredo, provolone, roasted chicken, bacon, red onions, sun-dried tomatoes and parmesan. I don’t normally like white sauce pizza or chicken on pizza for that matter – but this was the perfect combination. The red onions added a bite and the bacon added a smokey crispiness. 10/10 would order the cosmic chicken again and might even order it over the pepperoni, which is saying a lot. Their Caesar Salad dressing was also some of the best I have ever had – it was thick and slightly salty.

I can’t say enough good things about this pizza shop! The staff were also very friendly and kind. I am excited to go back and try their other combinations like their Spicy Monkey, Chaos BBQ, and Monkey Hawaiian. Also yes, pineapple absolutely belongs on pizza. This is something my husband and I completely disagree on, but we’ve learned to move on from this topic!

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